Solo album: releasing November 1, 2019

Love & Loss album art

Kathryn's debut solo album is centered on two of the most fundamental human emotions: love and loss. It weaves together music by three of the Baroque period's greatest composers, recorded with period instrumental accompaniment.

Songs and arias by Bach, Handel and Purcell, including:
Phoebus eilt (Cantata 202)
Öffne dich, mein ganzes Herze (Cantata 61)
Süsse Stille (9 German arias)
If Music be the Food of Love
An Evening Hymn

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Sneak Preview

An Evening Hymn, Henry Purcell
Brent Wissick, baroque cello | Jennifer Streeter, organ

Album Collaborators:
Jennifer Streeter, harpsichord and organ
Brent Wissick, baroque cello and viola da gamba
Stephanie Vial, baroque cello
Nicholas DeEugenio, baroque violin

Texts & Translations

Bach Arias

Komm in mein Herzenshaus,
Herr Jesu, mein Verlangen!

Treib Welt und Satan aus
Und lass dein Bild in mir erneuert prangen!
Weg, schnöder Sündengraus!

Come into my heart's house,
Lord Jesus, my desire!

Drive out the world and Satan
and let your image renewed within me shine in splendour!
Away, loathsome horror of sin!

Wer ein wahrer Christ will heißen,
Muss der Demut sich befleißen;
Demut stammt aus Jesu Reich.

Hoffart ist dem Teufel gleich;
Gott pflegt alle die zu hassen,
So den Stolz nicht fahrenlassen.

Whoever wants to be called a true Christian
Must be concerned with humility;
Humility comes from Jesus's kingdom.

Haughtiness is like the devil;
God is accustomed to hate all those
Who do not abandon arrogance.

Öffne dich, mein ganzes Herze,
Jesus kömmt und ziehet ein.

Bin ich gleich nur Staub und Erde,
Will er mich doch nicht verschmähn,
Seine Lust an mir zu sehn,
Daß ich seine Wohnung werde.
O wie selig werd ich sein!

Open, my whole heart
Jesus comes and enters within.

Though I am only like dust and earth,
he does not want to scorn me
but to see his pleasure in me
so that I become his dwelling.
Oh how blessed I shall be!

Phoebus eilt mit schnellen Pferden
Durch die neugeborne Welt.

Ja, weil sie ihm wohlgefällt,
Will er selbst ein Buhler werden.

Phoebus hurries with swift horses
through the newborn world.

Yes, since this delights him so much,
he himself wants to become a lover.

Translations of Bach arias by Francis Browne, reprinted by permission of the translator and

Handel Arias

Süße Stille,
sanfte Quelle,
ruhiger Gelassenheit!

Selbst die Seele wird erfreut,
wenn ich mir nach dieser Zeit,
arbeitsamer Eitelkeit
jene Ruh vor Augen stelle,
die uns ewig ist bereit.

Sweet silence,
gentle spring,
Quiet calm!

The soul will be pleased,
If I, after this time
of hard-working vanity
see, before my eyes, that rest
that is eternally ready for us.

Ah, crudele!
E pur ten vai,
e mi lasci in preda al duolo,
e pur sai che sei tu solo
il diletto del mio cor.

Come, ingrato,
e come puoi involare a questo sen,
il seren de’ lumi tuoi,
se per te son tutta ardor?

Ah, cruel one!
And still you go,
and leave me prey to pain,
and yet you know that only you
are the delight of my heart.

How, ungrateful one,
and how can you take from this breast,
the light of your eyes,
If I am burning with passion for you?

Intendimi, ben mio,
E pur ten vai,
Che tutto il mio desio
Sempre revolto a te;

Se parlo o taccio amore,
Parla per il mio core,
E scopre la mia fè.

Understand me, my beloved,
That all my desires
Always are directed to you;

Whether I speak or keep silent about my love,
My heart speaks for me,
And you will discover my faith.

Per te lasciai la luce,
ed or che mi conduce amor per rivederti,
tu vuoi partir da me.

Deh, ferma i passi incerti,
o pur se vuoi fuggir,
dimmi perché?

For you I left the light,
and now that love drives me to see you again,
you want to leave me.

Ah, stop your uncertain steps,
or at least, if you want to leave,
tell me why?

Ah, crudele!
E pur ten vai,
Il sole poi l'uccide,
E tomba ha nella sera.

È un fior la vita, la vita ancora.

L'occaso ha nell'aurora,
E perde in un sol dì la primavera.

That flower that laughs at dawn
Can be killed by the sun,
And is in the tomb by evening.

Life is a flower.

Within the dawn it has its sunset,
And in just one day it loses its spring.

Voglio darti a mille,
a mille dolci baci,
Cara Fille, perchè servan di catene
A restar sempre con me.

E vuò farti a cento a cento
Tali vezzi in un momento,
Che soffir dovrai ben pene,
Se lontanne porti il piè.

I want to give you a thousand,
a thousand sweet kisses,
Dear Phyllis, so that they serve as chains
To make you stay with me forever.

And I want to give you hundreds upon hundreds
Of such caresses in one moment,
So that you will suffer greatly,
If your feet carry you far from me.

Il suol che preme,
L'aura che spira
L'empio romano
S'apra, s'infetti.

Se il passo move,
Se il guardo gira,
Incontri larve,
Ruine aspetti.

May the ground that he walks upon, --
May the air that he breathes
-- the wicked Roman --
open up, become infected.

If he walks about,
If he turns his gaze,
May he be met with larvae,
May ruins await him.

Handel translations by Kathryn Mueller

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